NaNoWriMo Complicates Things.

You remember how last month, I said I had something already written for this month? Well, I wrote something else, and decided to post that.

And push repeat a few times. I liked them all! And in the end, I couldn’t decide which on to post. And since I’m doing NaNoWriMo, I decided that I was going to postpone the decision to next moth and post and excerpt from my NaNo Novel. This is actually the beginning currently, but who knows what will happen later on, I’m only on my second day! If you want to see more go here:


Ring, ring.

I pulled out my phone and answered it.

“Hello! April speaking.” I said as cheerily as I could manage.

“You had better watch out. You mom was just the start.” The man was obviously using a voice distortion machine.

“Who is this?” I asked, and was answered by the sound of the dial tone. I hung up, then after a moment’s hesitation, pulled it out again and dialed my dad.

I got his answering machine. I left a hasty message telling him to call me back, then checked the lock on the front door. And all the windows. The phone rang, and I pounced on it.

“Hello? Dad?”

“Hi April. You wanted me to call you? I’m sorry I didn’t catch you. I was in a meeting.”

“Dad. Someone just called and told me to watch out. I asked who it was, but they hung up.”There was silence on the other end of the line. “Dad?”

“I didn’t want to before, but I think I might have to do something about him this time.”

“You know who it is?”

“Your mother and I decided not to tell you before, but now- Now I think you need to know. Yes, I know who it is. Walter Evander. I put him behind bars in my attorney days. He swore he would get back at me. April – he killed your mother.”

I dropped the phone.

“April? April! Are you there?” My father’s voice rose muffled from the phone on the floor. I knew I should pick it up. Instead I sat down in a chair. The world tilted. And everything went black.


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