Five Minute Friday: Fly

So… I have been getting these emails from a blog I subscribed to. And every Friday, this lady writes on a word for five minutes, then posts it on her blog. And invites everyone to join in and link up their posts. Long story short, I finally caved and did it. 🙂 And you should do it too!

Here is the link to her post today:

And here is mine:

I Soar on these words,
I see the hearts of my characters
I am absorbed in these lives and stories
This is my life,
I couldn’t imagine my life any other way
This is truly God’s call on my life
I didn’t think so before,
But now I fly
I soar
On words
Through worlds of my making
Through adventures and trials
And decisions to be made
I love this
These characters are a part of my heart now
If I couldn’t write,
They would keep on existing
Inside of my head
This is my calling
To show you the world through different eyes.
I love this life so much
And I know God
Put this love in my life
It lifts up my spirit.

P.S. See you all in 2 weeks and one day when my next post is going to pop up on here! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fly

  1. LOVE THIS –> “This is truly God’s call on my life.I didn’t think so before,But now I fly” to acknowledge God’s calling on your is the one thing that will give you freedom to fly higher and higher.

  2. (visiting from FMF) Love this! And I totally know how u feel! I never feel closer to God that when I’m fulfilling His calling on my life. Writing, speaking, serving my family and His family (the least of these) are little pieces of heaven on earth. May God bless u as u continue to seek His calling on your life. Love, love. 🙂

  3. (viSiting from FMf) Love this! I totally agree. Writing is one of my most closest forms of intimacy with God. When we are in His will, fulfilling His calling – we just know. May He continue to bless u as u seek His will. Love, love.

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