A Different Christmas

I love Christmas. Always have, and I think I always will. In past years, the Christmas season was filled with parties, get togethers, open houses, and of course, the Christmas program at church.

This year, I didn’t go to one party, get together, or open house. I did participate in the Christmas Program though.This year, Christmas looks a little different to me. It means a little more as well.

I had always shared the ‘keep Christ in Christmas’ pictures without a second thought.

But this year, I have truly realised what Christmas really is.The love that brought me to tears this summer when it finally clicked that I was trying to earn salvation with a picture-perfect Christian life and I couldn’t do it, came into this world.

That’s what we’re celebrating.


I knew it before, sure. I could quote verses about it. I could sing songs about it.

But this year, I really know it. Really and truly.

Jesus came. To save you and me. The greatest gift ever given.




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