I hadn’t thought about it in a while.
Then I was looking through boxes and I found a dress you made me.
Crumpled silky fabric and lace,
Made especially for a little girl to become a princess,
Just add a tiara and you’re set.
And I remembered you.

I remembered gingerbread houses at Christmas,
Crafts every day of the summer weeks I spent at your house.
Bedtime stories and songs every night,
Stories read just because,
Puppet shows,
Tea parties,
“Helping” cook.

Memories came flooding back,
Things I hadn’t thought about in years,
Because I saw that dress.

I’m going to save it.
If I have a little girl someday,
I want her to play dress up with it,
I want to tell her about you,
About summers at your house and at the condo,
About a princess dress,
Made with love,
Just like the tag says.

I miss you.


I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted anything. And this is depressing. It was just something I’d written but never posted. I hope you like it, depressing though it may be. I might try to get back on a schedule with this blog. I don’t know. I’m going to at least try to post more often. Being a senior is crazy though, to be honest. But I can promise to try. 🙂


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