I’m not alright.

Everything’s not right with my world right now.
If I was going to be honest,
I’d tell you that I’ve been having a tough time of it the last few days.
And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that everything’s right ever again.
But I talked to someone very special tonight,
And I forced out the words I hadn’t been able to confess to anyone else.
Words that are hard for me to say.
That I wasn’t alright.
And she reminded me that my life isn’t made up completely negative things.
That even though I’ve got hard things going on,
Things that aren’t really fair for me to have to be shouldering,
I can still be happy.
I can laugh.
Life isn’t all tears.
That it’s okay to be happy even when life is hard.
That it’s possible.
That God loves me.
That she loves me.
That I’m not alone,
I don’t have to be the strong one,
Just drying everyone else’s tears.
I can be sad too.
I can cry.
And I can be happy even though life is hard.


There are two songs that really mean a lot to me right now that you can look up, if you’d like. Maybe they’ll help you in some way too, if you’re going through your own hard stuff.
Bright Side by OBB
Exhale by Plumb


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