Broken In The Beauty

You tell me,
Look at how beautiful our world is!
You say,
Look at the mountains,
The trees,
The flowers,
The sky,
Every face that passes by you!

I look at you,
What I want to say to you,
What is on my mind,
Does not really have words.
But I try.

Our world is beautiful,
But there is brokenness too,
We all feel it,
The pain,
It’s a part of life,
Part of the broken in the beauty,
That encompases us every day.

That woman walking down the hall,
A death grip on the strap of her purse,
Vacancy in her eyes.

That guy that has always been so strong,
But you saw him yesterday,
His head in his hands.

That girl who giggles,
You roll your eyes,
Because she’s only skin-deep,
But what if she does it in an attempt to cover,
The pain in her heart?

That girl,
Sitting in the corner,
Of the emergency room,
Pain echoing from her eyes,
A tissue strangled between her hands.

The girl who doesn’t talk,
Unless you talk to her,
But sometimes,
When you get her to talk,
Her eyes sparkle,
Full of life,
But then when the conversation is done,
She looks back down at her hands,
And the sparkle is gone.

What if you stopped them,
To to tell them you can see their pain?
Or lacking words,
Squeezed their hand,
Or gave them a hug.
We could look into their eyes,
Let them know someone cares,
Acknowledge the broken in the beauty.