I’m just tired,

Sitting here.

But I set my pen on the page,


And I write.

At first it’s just what’s whirling though my head.

Why I really don’t want to be writing right now,

How tired I am,

Or What happened today.

But then the words coming from my pen,

Start to turn into a poem,

Or my world slowly becomes Gabby’s,





Or Allison’s.

And when I’m done,

I stand up to leave,

I am strangely filled with life.


Fully awake,

In tune with what’s happening around me,


This process has cured a couple headaches,

And more bad moods than I could count.

It’s a special gift from God.

That I wouldn’t ever trade.

(Did I mention I’m tired? Oh, yeah, I did. Never mind…)


Five Minute Friday: Fly

So… I have been getting these emails from a blog I subscribed to. And every Friday, this lady writes on a word for five minutes, then posts it on her blog. And invites everyone to join in and link up their posts. Long story short, I finally caved and did it. 🙂 And you should do it too!

Here is the link to her post today: http://lisajobaker.com/2013/11/five-minute-friday-fly/

And here is mine:

I Soar on these words,
I see the hearts of my characters
I am absorbed in these lives and stories
This is my life,
I couldn’t imagine my life any other way
This is truly God’s call on my life
I didn’t think so before,
But now I fly
I soar
On words
Through worlds of my making
Through adventures and trials
And decisions to be made
I love this
These characters are a part of my heart now
If I couldn’t write,
They would keep on existing
Inside of my head
This is my calling
To show you the world through different eyes.
I love this life so much
And I know God
Put this love in my life
It lifts up my spirit.

P.S. See you all in 2 weeks and one day when my next post is going to pop up on here! 🙂