Five Minute Friday: Close



I couldn’t feel Him

They told me He was close

But there wasn’t peace in my soul.

I screamed at Him.

Why did you take her?

I wasn’t ready,

It couldn’t have been time.

I spiraled down, away from Him.

Tears fell

For oh so long,

Then one day I was done.

It took three and a half years,

But I forgave Him.

I came back.

I found the place where I could heal.

That was almost a year ago, now.

This time

I know it was time

Tears fall,

But it’s only because I miss him.

This time,

I’m not mad at God.

Grandpa’s in a better place.

And I’ll be there someday

This time

I have peace

Because I know God is close

This time

I think I can heal

I can feel Him

Holding me close

Oh, so close.




I think this ^ explains why I haven’t posted in over a month. At least a little bit. My Grandpa passed away May 1, 2014. and I haven’t written hardly at all. I’m going to try to start writing something for this blog every once in a while now. No promises as to the schedule though. The only reason I even posted this is because I saw the prompt and knew I had to write for it.


Lisa-Jo Baker’s Post:




My Sister

Sometimes I miss you so much, it hurts.
I can feel it in my chest,
An ache that draws every thought to you.
A sadness too deep for tears,
Though tears have been shed before,
For the distance that lies between us,
The miles and the years we are apart.
The whispered secrets,
The sisterly love we share,
Weigh on my mind,
The bond we have,
Can’t be broken by time,
Or anything.
You’re not my sister by blood,
But you’re my sister in my heart.
I love you so much.
I miss you.