An Apology and An Excerpt

I am going to apologize right off for not posting two weeks ago. I was sick. And I was going to post last week after I got back from taking the ACT, but I forgot, because I was brain-dead. So I am giving you something special this week, at least, something special to me, that I hope will make up for it. 🙂 Only two people on the planet have seen this before now. So… Enjoy.


I knew what was going to happen. I just knew I could stop it. They would torture me for a little while, try to get me to accept their offer. Then they would kill me. But I was going to get out of here before they had a chance. A Guard walked through the door into the cell block. He was followed by a man who had an aura of authority about him. He wasn’t a Councilman. I had been introduced to each one of them earlier, and I never forgot a face. No, this one had authority, but not as much as them. The Guard walked to my cell, unlocked and pulled open the door. The man strode into my cell. Well, look here. I was getting a visit.

“Who might you be?” I asked, staying seated.

“My name is Jonathan.” He said. A bit uppity. Yes, this one was important. Or at least thought he was. So why was he visiting me?

“Well, Jonathan,  I’m honored. Don’t know why you’d be visiting me.” Then it registered. The Captain. From this morning. My eyes narrowed. He laughed.

“I think you just remembered where we met last.”

“Still don’t know why you’re here.”

“First things first. Show a little respect. On your feet.” The Guard growled. The cell fell silent as I engaged in my second staring contest of the day. With Captain Jonathan. And remained seated on the floor. The Guard, apparently fed up with my rudeness, came in and hauled me to my feet. He stood there a moment, I guess to make sure I wouldn’t sit down again, then went back to stand by the door. He slapped me then. The Captain. I took a half step backwards, startled. He backed me up, slowly, taking one step at a time, waiting till I instinctively stepped away, then taking another one. When my back hit the wall, I looked back, surprised. When I looked back to the Captain, he took another step, getting in my face, now that he had me cornered.

“You think you’re going to be the one that breaks the system. You think you’re going to defy The Council. I’ve delt with your kind before. It’s part of my job. You’re not getting away from me.” He stared into my eyes a moment longer. A flicker of fear found it’s way into my heart. I attempted to squash it, but I couldn’t. Not with him standing so close. A slight smile snaked it’s way onto his face. He knew. That he had made a crack in my resolve. A tiny crack, but a crack nonetheless. He turned and left me standing there staring after him. He had answered my question. I knew what he had come for. Intimidation. Well, he’d done it. But he hadn’t broken me. Not yet. Simply added a little desperation to my resolve.